My Sister is Special, My Sister Has Down Syndrome: A story about acceptance by Marta Schmidt-Mendez (2018)

My Sister is Special, My Sister Has Down Syndrome showcases the resiliency of children who can come to a place of acceptance so much sooner than adults.  The book can be purchased here.

My Sister is Special, My Sister Has Autism: A story about acceptance by Marta Schmidt-Mendez (2018)

My Sister is Special, My Sister has Autism is the story of a young boy who realizes his sister is different from other children. Through his eyes, other family members come to understand that the younger child in the home is changing and is no longer as verbal and as interactive as she once was. The book can be purchased here.

My Brother is Special, My Brother Has Autism: A story about acceptance by Marta Schmidt-Mendez (2017)

This story, as seen through the eyes of a sibling, expresses the confusion and pain a family feels when a diagnosis of autism is made. The story also highlights the beauty of accepting someone, even though they may be different, and realizing that, sometimes, a dream doesn’t end, it just needs to be adjusted. The book can be purchased here.

Bedtime Routines by Daniel Trinidade (2017)

This cute story about a little girl and her bedtime routines was so much fun to illustrate!

My Grandpa is a dragon by David Clutterbuck (2016)

This is the second big project I worked together with David and it was tons of fun! The story is about a grandpa who turns into a dragon, flies into the night and has many adventures. I don’t think it’s too much to say that a story like this is every illustrator’s dream 🙂

A-maze-ing Sentences. iPad game by Katherine Page Burdick and Dylan Hasman (2016)

This is dear project of mine, especially because it was something different than what I worked before. For this iPad game, I created the main characters (a vehicle) for each level, as well as the obstacles, the backgrounds and the entire level design. The game is for kids age 6-8.

The Travelling Potato by Andreea Mironiuc, Kieron Brown, Polina Boykova and Janina Sommerlad (2015)

This is a very special recipe book: not only the star is The Travelling Potato, the kids favourite food, but it also features small culture, geography and of course, cuisine lessons. It comes with yummy recipes and fun illustrations. 🙂

The Classroom Teacher’s Coloring Book by Katrina Ayres (2015)

This stress-relieving adult coloring book is designed especially for classroom teachers. Each coloring page contains an encouraging affirmation illustrated with mandalas, flowers, butterflies, geometric patterns, garden designs, buildings, seascapes, and more. I collaborated on this with wonderful Katrina Ayres, an energetic and inspiring educator, author, and speaker with a passion for enriching the classroom experiences of educators and students. The book is available here.

Things I’ve Come to Realize in the Past Few Days by Patsy Moore (2015)

Patsy Moore is not only a writer and a storyteller, but also a musician, a video artist and a very positive person. This is her newest book of personal essays. More about the book can be found in this interview, where we talked about the project, but also about inspiration, art and future projects.

The Truth for Pumpkin Candy by Star Lowe (2015)

Star Lowe wrote a beautiful story on the importance of telling the truth. It takes place in the Ice Cream Town during Halloween and has as its main characters two little girls who learn a powerful lesson.

De Todas Formas by Ignacio Urquijo (2014)

Ignacio Urquijo is a Spanish writer and journalist based in Amsterdam. This is his first novel, a story about a trip through the discoveries of the first youth: crazy loves, dumb decisions and amazing mistakes. The book was published in 2014 and the Spanish version can be found here.

Pegleg the Pirate by David Clutterbuck (2014)

This is a fun story about Pegleg the Pirate and the adventures of his crew, at the beach, in the snow, diving, cooking, and of course, looking for the hidden treasure.

The Carrot Story by Marcus Chua (2014)

This story is about Sue, a little girl with heart-shaped face and impish smile. Sue is the perfect child at the dinner table, as long as the recipes don’t use carrots. She doesn’t like neither the smell nor the taste of them, and as hard as her mom tries, nothing can convince her to eat them. Until one day, when she meets Mr. Rabbit and learns a lesson from him.

Classroom Management Strategies That Work: Strategy 1 – Classroom Routines by Katrina Ayres (2014)

This book is for classroom teachers (and educators-to-be) who want to prevent behavior issues and discipline problems instead of just reacting when things go wrong. This is the second book I collaborate on with Katrina, after All the Ways I Screwed Up My First Year of Teaching: and How You Can Avoid Doing It, Too, published in 2012.

Max and Mila by Kimberley de Haseth (2014)

This book is Kimberley’s first children book and is all about doing fun stuff with kids. Like reading the adventures of Max & Mila, drawing, yoga, cooking and relaxation.

The Cat Room (2014)

This is a creative project I worked on for The Cat Room, a volunteering project which aims to find homes for the stray cats saved from the streets of Bucharest, Romania. My illustrations were printed as postcards and sold in the benefit of the organization during their events.

Ava’s Show and Tell by Katherine Page Burdick (2014)

This is a lovely interactive story based on the game Show and Tell. It takes place in an alien world and has a lot of fun characters with unexpected and creative ideas.  

The Tasty Story of Andalusia by Andreea Mironiuc and Ignacio Urquijo (2014)

This is one of the first personal projects I worked on, an illustrated travel guide any foodie can use. The first one of the series focuses on the region of Andalusia, Spain, and offers tips on food but also interesting stories and funny aspects of Spanish traditions. The story is told from two perspectives, the one of a local, but also the one of a tourist who visits the region for the first time, and wants to be a fun read during the holiday. The book will be available soon online.

Not Me did it. I Dunno why. by Laura Cullen (2014)

In this fun and silly story, Sheighla is a little girl who keeps finding herself in trouble with no one to blame, and eventually learns to tell the truth. The book can be found here for sale.

The Happy Gift (Sally Books: Life Lessons #1, Giving) by Catherine Converse (2013)

Sally can’t wait for her birthday, especially all of the presents she will receive from her friends and family. But when a friend gets sad at the party, Sally discovers what’s really important about the gifts she receives from others. This is the first book of the series I worked in collaboration with lovely Catherine Converse. The books can be found here for sale.

About Claire: comic book panel by Claire Daelin (2013)

For this project I designed and illustrated a comic panel that was used on Claire’s website to tell her education story.