Happy Jars


Happy Jars is a dear project of mine, done in collaboration with the beautiful people who follow my illustration page on facebook. Started with a simple question: “What would you put in your Happy Jar?”, the project explored what is happiness in a nutshell for each of us.

A mini whale in the Happy Jar for Sirio.

Marisa’s Happy Jar is full with smiles.

A lot of kittens in Raluca’s Happy Jar.

Daura has in her Happy Jar smiling hearts, lollipops, teddy bears, shooting stars, rainbow unicorns and dolphins .

Screwdrivers, grinders, jackhammer, pliers and a lot of wires in Cristian’s Happy Jar.

Nacho has in his Happy Jar the Barcelona beach in autumn .

A Happy Jar full with all his Erasmus friends, for Maël.

Dance, elephants, stars in green and lots of loving hearts for Finn’s Happy Jar.

For Mariana happiness in a jar is Giverny by the ocean.



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