Colours of Warsaw

This is the first one of a series of blog posts on the colours of different cities I was lucky enough to visit. All the photos are by me, but feel free to get inspired by the colour palettes. The first in the series is Warsaw, the capital of Poland, which I visited in March 2015. Enjoy!

Australia Travel Diary

In February 2014 I put my stuff in a suitcase and I left to Australia to see kangaroos. I set up in Melbourne and started my travel diary to document the search for the bouncy creatures. Ended up talking about amazing food, inspiring people and beautiful places.

Happy Jars

Happy Jars is a dear project of mine, done in collaboration with the beautiful people who follow my illustration page on facebook. Started with a simple question: “What would you put in your Happy Jar?”, the project explored what is happiness in a nutshell for each of us.