Australia Travel Diary


In February 2014 I put my stuff in a suitcase and I left to Australia to see kangaroos. I set up in Melbourne and started my travel diary to document the search for the bouncy creatures. Ended up talking about amazing food, inspiring people and beautiful places.



Day #1 in Australia. Number of kangaroos seen: 0.


Day #2 in Australia. Number of new seagulls friends: over 50. Number of kangaroos seen: 0. Sunburned: check.


Day #3 YAY for the sushi burger!


Day #4 Today I’ve been wearing the prettiest thing I have in my suitcase. Maybe I missed home a little bit.


Day #5 It feels good and easier for me to live in a place where almost everybody is from somewhere else and being a foreigner is a normality, not an exception.


Day #6 Today I met this sweet Chinese lady, who asked me for directions at the metro. She didn’t speak much English, but in few minutes and even less words, she told me a lot about her life. Suddenly, to make a point, she took out of her bag a huge piece of cloth with a lot of chinese symbols and unfolded all of it, in the middle of the crowded metro station. Just when she was trying to explain me why, her metro came and she had to go, waving to me until I got out of her sight.


Day #7 I confess: I had sushi rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still didn’t get tired of them.


Day #8 It was almost midnight and I was passing by a park in Melbourne, while these cute beasts were hanging out in the trees, on the grass, everywhere! Obviously, I got over excited. You don’t get to see a bunch of adorable possums everyday! Also, it’s as close to a kangaroo as I got until now.


Day #9 In Melbourne it’s pretty fancy to have a drink in one of the many rooftop bars. You can get awesome city view, cozy atmosphere and chill music, while watching (apparently friendly) huge bats flying above.


Day #10 Today I decided to stop chasing kangaroos and get some proper souvenir shopping done.


Day #11 Today I took the tourist tram to check out the other parts of the city, in my search for The Bouncing Creatures. Number of kangaroos seen: you can guess already…


Day #12 Today I had a Roo Burger, the closest I got to a real kangaroo.


Day #13 Risking that this will become a food diary, today I had the best ice cream ever in China Town: black sesame, green tea and lychee flavors. Number of kangaroos seen: still 0.


Day #14 Ok, that’s it. I’m going off road. I’m gonna be out of internet connection, in the wild, looking for dem kangaroos. Keep you fingers crossed for me! -To be continued-


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