5 Things to Do in Thailand





1. You got off the plane and managed to arrive safely to your island. What now?

Get a scooter, of course! The easiest and most exciting way to travel inside the small islands is to rent a motorbike or a scooter from one of the many places that offer it very cheap.



Crazy roads in the Koh Chang Island


2. Go to a scuba diving class!

I’ve been into scuba diving for a while now, but the most amazing diving experience I had was in Thailand. The underwater life diversity and colors are fascinating, the weather is perfect and the water clear and warm. What else to wish for? Pay attention, though. Your scuba center should be PADI certified.



Amazing underwater life experience


3. Very touristy, very cliché, but this is a must for your trip to Thailand.

Riding an elephant can be a fun experience (but also a bit scary, if you’re not used with riding huge animals through palm tree forests).



If you’re lucky, you can feed the elephants with overpriced bananas.


4.  Try Thai food!

I was a bit reluctant when it came to the food. Some restaurants look at least questionable, but in general the food is really tasty. In most tourist locations, they cook special food for foreigners: overpriced* and less spicy, and I was more than happy with that. Try the fried noodles with shrimps, the coconut water and for dessert the sticky rice with mango.

*overpriced compared to Thai prices, compared to Europe…never mind.



Touristy Thai meal: pad thai with shrimps, chicken satay, sticky rice with mango and coconut water. Delicious!


5. Last but not least, enjoy!

Lay on the beach, bathe in the warm water, drink cocktails and hang out under the palm trees. Oh, beautiful life!



Thai paradise in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang


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